Jason Soquet  aka  SOQUET  (pronounced So-Key)

Jason Soquet aka SOQUET (pronounced So-Key)

Jason Soquet  aka SOQUET

Hailing from the great cheesehead state of Wisconsin, Jason started his career by going to college in Minneapolis and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Communications before moving to the West Coast. 

Soon after, he cut his teeth as a Graphic Designer/Art Director at several ad agencies working with local and national clients sharpening his craft before moving on to the next level of motion design. Designing, animating, and editing for the past 8 years, he has an edgy approach for taking ideas and concepts and making them come to life. Ambitious, clever, driven, a problem solver both technical and creative, he is all of these things and more. Jason is an award-winning Motion Designer and Animator, creating 2D/3D animations and motion design for online and television. His portfolio includes work for major clients including Axon, McDonald's, United Rentals to name a few.

He's also known to whip up a mean batch of Apple Pie Moonshine that he crafts from time to time.